HSIRB Protocol

(AKA: Big Idea 5)

Here’s my big idea: This is going to be a lot of work! I already knew that, but now that I’m sitting down in my basement, having been given 30 minutes of kid-free time by my husband, listening to my girls cry upstairs and come to the door and say, “Mama???”, I’ve realized that I have not given myself enough time to do this. I’m going to need chunks of kid-free time. Blocks of kid-free time. And a computer that works and has MIcrosoft Word on it. Sadly, these are not exactly things I have going for me right now. 

So I will re-examine my week. I will not go to bed early. I will not watch TV after the girls fall asleep. I will do my best to utilize nap time and the 4 hours I’ll have next Friday. Plus, I’ll probably have to run away from home for a bit next weekend, because it is impossible for me to truly concentrate when I can hear the girls upstairs. Oh, and I’ll have to bring homework to my mother-in-law’s birthday party too, because that’ll be an all-day affair. 

Oh well, I’ll just look at it like my midterm and the family (and extended family) will have to deal. Off to calm the crying baby and get ready to go to a baby shower.


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