In My Mind Tonight

From tonight’s class, three big ideas for next week:

1. Define “correctional education.” What do I mean? Adult basic education, post-secondary, GED, juvenile high school diplomas? I honestly don’t know. Right now I’m following the research. I’ve had to sculpt my theme/thesis/idea/question/whatever many times. Sooner or later (maybe by December?), I’ll be in the right spot. For the purpose of the lit review, correctional education is any program teaching skills in a prison setting (or juvenile facility). Probably will end up being basic skills instead of post-secondary skills, but we’ll see what happens with the research. It all comes back to the research.

2. Speaking of the research, I’m starting from (almost) scratch again. There’s not much from my annotated bib that is focused in this direction. My annotated bib was pretty over-arching regarding correctional education. I only whittled my topic down to methods in correctional education during the HSIRB Protocol assignment. So while I have some articles that may work, I don’t have many. I’m going to have to print off my annotated bib and take a pen to it, crossing off what doesn’t apply to this specific assignment and smaller topic. I’m going to go through all the printed articles I have and re-read their bibliographies, highlighting the pieces that may work. Then I’ll search for those articles and skim abstracts, see what I can get online, and find some more pieces that’ll fit in together. It’s all about following the research. 

3. How will I organize my lit review? Well, I’m planning on making my life as easy as possible. My lit review will probably be organized thematically, but I have no clue what the themes will be yet. I have a feeling it will be by pedagogy, but I’m not sure how much is out there on this specifically. I hope there’s more than I think. I hope I haven’t found the correct database and/or search term that will bring me the wealth of information I need to write this. Because what I’m looking at now is a stack of six articles, which probably don’t have enough in common group thematically. 


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  1. It makes me feel better that we’re going through the same process. “Research is messy.”

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