I’m Probably Just Lazy

It’s naptime at my house. I’m sitting outside on the porch with my laptop. One girl is asleep in her carseat in the car in the driveway; the other is asleep in my bed (hopefully not wetting the bed because I don’t want to change sheets again). I want to be napping too, since I had a Dr. Pepper in class last night and the caffeine kept me up until after 1 am (and the girls woke me up before 7 this morning). But since there’s one girl in the car and one in the house, I’ve resigned myself to doing research.

Here’s the thing I’m finding: If it’s not available online, it may be an amazing, or even perfect article, but I’m not going to find it. I don’t even make a note of it somewhere to come back to if I need it. Nope, I just close the browser window and move on. Because I’m sure I’ll find 10-15 good enough articles to write this lit review. Because I’m a busy mom with no time to spend searching out articles, even if they can easily be located in the library on campus. I have  a Tuesday-only parking sticker. I have two children who would have to come with me (to the library? On campus?) or for whom I’d have to find childcare (during the week? or during my too few family-only hours on the weekend?). No, instead I skip the article and move on.

It’s not that I’m lazy, or don’t have my heart in the game, it’s just that I’m using my time wisely. Right? …Right?


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