I was lucky enough to invite myself to last night’s Tedx Kalamazoo (#tedxkzoo) talks last night. My husband had been invited and was planning on going by himself and at the last minute we found a sitter and went together. I was SO excited by a couple of the talks, namely the first one (Paul […]

First, this photo I saw on my FB page today. Posted by an “unschooler” that I follow. Yes, unschooling. Haven’t heard of it? Let me quote an extremely reliable source, Wikipedia: “Unschooling is a range of educational philosophies and practices centered on allowing children to learn through their natural life experiences, including play, game play, […]

1. “The more years of schooling the person had completed when beginning their prison term, the less likely they were to recidivate” (Beth Hatt, From “Still I Rise: Youth Caught Between the Worlds of Schools and Prisons”) This ties into what I was saying last week, a bit. Not only do people do better post-prison […]

I really enjoyed our class discussion this last week. Thes articles were amazing and I got so much more out of them as we discussed them. It was very easy for me to find five big ideas. (Bare with me, as I’m doing this entire post on my iPad…) Illusion of democracy – I think […]

So many things caught my attention in the articles from the¬†English Education issue featuring the 2006 CEE. I’ll focus on the article I studied in depth, “Real Teaching for Real Diversity: Preparing English Language Arts Teachers for 21st-Century Classrooms” by Boyd, Ariail, Williams, Jocson, Tinker Sachs, & McNeal with Fecho, Fisher, Healy, Meyer, & Morrell. […]